Orchard Park Block(down) Party and Scavenger Hunt Game

We miss you… Let’s play!

Thursday January 21, 2021 @ 3:30 pm (until approximately 4:00 pm)

Block(down) Party is a game where you (with your bubble, inside your home) complete a bunch of creative and sometimes outrageous missions, and upload the evidence to an app.  Each family plays with their folks / siblings / stuffies / pets / musical instruments / whatever you have on hand. At the beginning of the game, we meet on Zoom to get the lowdown, and at the end of the game, we meet on Zoom to look at some of the funny photos and announce some winners.

Sample Missions

How To Prepare

Step 1:  Set up the technology ahead of time! You will need:

  • A computer for a Zoom call
  • A tablet or phone with our app installed to submit the evidence
  • The will to overcome the competition. Or at least the desire to have fun.

Download GooseChase App and click “Play as a Guest” (no need to create a user ID). Find our game using code X3XG11 and “create your team”.  Get creative with your team name!  Note:  Say “yes” to notifications or you’ll miss the starting bell and final buzzer of the game (Don’t worry, you can delete the app right afterwards).

Step 2:  Zoom! (Zoom link sent by email) We’ll meet on Zoom Thursday Jan 21st at 3:30 pm to go over the game and rules, and get ready to play.  Have someone in your family prepare a 30-second introduction. If we can, we’ll “meet” each family… so you know who you are crushing with your creativity. 

Step 3:  Play! You have 30 minutes and 60 missions to choose from, so get as silly – or serious – as you like. View other teams’ entries on the FEED, or check scores on the LEADERBOARD.

If you have any questions, email Jodi, mom of Gr 5’s Charlotte and Freda: Jodi@urbancapers.com or text 416 895-2378.