(STAY) Home for the Holidays Virtual Christmas

Weather outside too frightful? Luckily, the inside is so delightful!  Let everyone stay home, and be connected through the power of play.  In this at-home scavenger hunt game, teams complete creative challenges using only their wits and what they have around them, including spouses, toddlers, pets, instruments, and that rare collection of Star Wars figurines. We’ve crafted a game that lets you play in real life, while working together virtually to score points as a team.

  • Ice to Meet You There’s snow-man like Frosty. Recreate him using whatever you can find. Bonus points if it’s life-sized and made of snow.
  • The Warm and Fuzzies There’s nothing like that warm, fuzzy feeling you get around the holidays. Capture your team enjoying a warm beverage and soaking in the festive cheer.
  • Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho-Ho What kind of cars do elves drive? Toy-otas! What do gingerbread men use to keep their beds warm? A cookie sheet! They’re so bad, they’re good! Tell us your quintessential Christmas-themed daddiest of all dad jokes.
  • Not-So-Silent-Night It’s time to sleigh your favorite Christmas Carol! Film your holi-debut. Bonus points for some heavenly harmonies.

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