A Hungry Haunting

Professional middleweight boxer Bora Altintas was shot next to a phone booth in Brompton, outside a fish-and-chip shop on September 21st, 1998. He was under investigation for drug dealing at the time, and may have been connected with biker gangs. For many years, the sad story seemed to end there.

But this seedy story seems to have a postscript. Or should we say, a post-mortem script.

When Norm Hurst bought the Brompton IGA grocery store, its former owners warned him that it was haunted. They believed the spirit of the boxer was lingering in the building. Norm paid no attention, until one fateful night in March 2012, something suspicious was captured on the store’s security cameras.

In the middle of the night, a box of Fruit Roll-Ups was clearly flung off a shelf, despite there being nobody in the store. Furthermore, the Roll-Ups were tossed from the pasta shelf even though their normal place was in another aisle.

What does the mysterious box-tossing ghost have in store for the terrified customers of the Brompton IGA? Only time will tell. Next time you notice Cheetos on the floor where none had been there before, perhaps you are the next recipient of an otherworldly message.