My First Urban Capers Hunt

When Jodi brought me onto the Urban Capers team to help out with PR and social media, I was excited. I could tell how passionate she was about putting together quality, fun scavenger hunts and showcasing the beautiful city of Toronto and that made me eager to help. But there was just one thing: I had never done a scavenger hunt before!

The cluebooks for Haunted Toronto

The cluebooks for Haunted Toronto

After working with Jodi for a few weeks — getting set up on Twitter, posting on Facebook, helping to prep the clue books — I still felt like I was missing a part of the puzzle. I wanted to experience exactly what it was like to be on an Urban Capers hunt, and luckily for me one was coming up. Would it be fun? Would it be hard? Would it be physical? Spoiler alert: it was all of the above.

The hunt I took part in was called Haunted Toronto and it was a spooky jaunt through Queen’s Park and the U of T campus as darkness fell one Friday night in July. One thing that surprised me was how much hustling I did to get to each clue — I hadn’t expected to work up a sweat but the exercise was a welcome surprise. Also surprising was how tough the questions were! Tough but fair. You know that feeling of pride when you accomplish something that was challenging? That’s how I felt after the hunt was over, and I wouldn’t have felt that way if the questions had been super easy.

Me looking perplexed at the man on the bench (can't tell you who — that's one of the clues!)

Me looking perplexed at the man on the bench (can’t tell you who he is — that’s one of the clues!)

After the hunt some of us reconvened at a local pub and rounded out our healthy speed-walking evening with a pint and some snacks. It was really fun to debrief and hear the answers to the questions my team had difficulty with, as well as get to know other teams who were out on the hunt. Now I can say I’ve experienced a proper haunted scavenger hunt and lived to tell the tale!