Art credits: Photos Copyright Urban Capers 2019, main photo features The Seven Deadly Sins by Buff Monster. Background photo features mural by Five8


Immerse yourself in the unique blend of art, history and culture central to the Montreal lifestyle in the heart of the city’s most charming neighborhood. Explore the leafy laneways, sweeping parks and quiet streets where four centuries of architecture blend together, enhanced by world class street art. Discover Montreal’s renowned cafe culture where the likes of Leonard Cohen, Mordecai Richler and Arcade Fire got their start.

Stroll through Le Plateau’s enchanting streets as you answer our tricky trivia questions about the neighborhood’s most iconic sites, including:

  • Relaxed tree-lined side streets off ‘The Main’ and the bohemian bustle of St. Laurent
  • The colourful roof of Leonard Cohen’s house nestled in between the iconic brownstones
  • The quintessential Montreal meal – Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Sandwich
  • Instagram worthy murals and graffiti from the renowned Mural Fest 
  • The history on display with architecture spanning three centuries 
  • Street life on display in the terraces of pedestrian-only avenues Prince Arthur, Duluth and Roy


Hunts take two hours, with some additional time beforehand for waiver-signing and instructions and afterwards for tallying the scores, for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Bonus points are given for most creative and clever team name, so start thinking!

This hunt takes place entirely outdoors, rain or shine. Please come prepared with a water bottle and comfortable shoes. You’ll be covering a lot of territory.

Our hunts are designed for adults. Some of the clues and references will be over kids’ heads and they can get frustrated. Participants as young as 11 have taken part with their parents and had a great time so at the end of the day, it is up to the parent / grandparent / guardian / cool aunt or uncle.
If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to, or call 647 852 6444.
No, there will be a sign-in sheet for those registered. If you are transferring your ticket to another person, they must bring your ticket.
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It’s not a bad idea. You will pass some amazing food stops, and we will suggest our favourites, so bring some cash for a coffee and a little snack. Or a large poutine, whatever you’re in the mood for!
Oui et non. Currently our hunt is offered in French and English on separate occasions, meaning that if you book an English date, the intro, materials, etc will all be in English, and vice versa for our French events.

We hope to combine the materials to a single bilingual offering in the near future.