Over two hundred years ago, Montreal was a city on the brink. The war of 1812 raged on to the south, and American troops threatened to march into the city at any moment. Join forces with a young historian as she digs into this time period and uncovers long-hidden secrets, clandestine plots and a web of deceit in an attempt to redeem her great grandfather’s legacy and the history of his garrison who defended their home from foreign invasion.

Along the way, you’ll watch the storied stone walls and beautiful cobblestone streets of Old Port come alive as you explore the many sides of the story of Montreal and its importance over the last 400 years. Learn about the lives of the First Nations, French and English peoples who shaped the growth of the city and witness evidence of those changes alive in the streets today. Help the historian sift through evidence, separating fact from myth to unravel an age old mystery obscured by the fog of war and the veil of empire.

Search for clues along the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Montreal at some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including:

  • The two majestic squares central to the city’s history – Place Saint-Jacques and Place D’Armes
  • Sites of historic battles in the heart of the city that decided the fate of Montreal for centuries
  • The old city walls and the homes of key figures Montreal’s history 
  • The site of the first European home in Montreal, and the hidden river that was home to first nations communities for thousands of years


Hunts take two hours, with some additional time beforehand for waiver-signing and instructions and afterwards for tallying the scores, for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Bonus points are given for most creative and clever team name, so start thinking!

This hunt takes place entirely outdoors, rain or shine. Please come prepared with a water bottle and comfortable shoes. You’ll be covering a lot of territory.

Our hunts are designed for adults. Some of the clues and references will be over kids’ heads and they can get frustrated. Participants as young as 11 have taken part with their parents and had a great time so at the end of the day, it is up to the parent / grandparent / guardian / cool aunt or uncle.
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Oui et non. Currently our hunt is offered in French and English on separate occasions, meaning that if you book an English date, the intro, materials, etc will all be in English, and vice versa for our French events.

We hope to combine the materials to a single bilingual offering in the near future.