Patrick is the creative producer for Urban Capers. If he’s not scouring the back alleys of Chinatown for street art, he’s searching for mid-century blueprints of TTC stations online. He is fascinated in the story behind every building, street lamp and storefront, and is constantly looking for the connective threads that weave together the various histories of Toronto. An avid traveler, Patrick has been lucky enough to hike Leaping Tiger Gorge, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, motorbike across Vietnam and eat sushi at the Tsukiji Fish Market. In his spare time, he’s either designing games under the name Useful Splendor, cooking or trying the latest beer at one of Toronto’s many craft breweries.


Simon is absolutely offended that you think he is a creative producer at Urban Capers. In fact, he is livid that you believe that he loves story telling, history, and french toast. Aside from developing scavenger hunts, how dare you call him an award-winning film-maker, just because he runs a TV, film, and new media production company called Picosphere. If you think Simon’s going to just stand there and let you accuse him of traveling to various cities and seeking adventure in Europe and North America, then you are sadly mistaken. When it comes to the opinion that Simon loves to cook, play dodgeball, and go on summer time bike rides in his spare time, he simply has no comment.


Amy was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario, but left home to complete the 4 year BFA Acting Programme at the University of Windsor. Born on Canada Day, she is proudly Canadian and has visited every province except for Newfoundland. She loves going home to visit her parents in Medicine Hat, Alberta (home of the World’s Largest Teepee) and is also a big fan of craft shows, dogs and the colour pink. Amy’s calm and welcoming presence can be felt whenever she hosts a hunt, especially her favourite, The Secrets of the St. Lawrence.


Taylor is a playright and actor, hailing originally from Miramichi, NB. He has a BA in Criminology/Psychology as well as an Advanced Diploma in Music Theatre. He’s a star on the Urban Capers team, showcasing intriguing stories and exciting adventures from the great city of Toronto!


When she’s not laughing, she’s reading all sorts of biographies and International Development/Humanitarian Aid books, or dancing and singing to some good radio tunes. She really enjoyed her Bachelor’s in Political Science and Latin American Studies. After a year of happily working for UNICEF Peru, she’s back in Toronto and loves to converse with people who are interested in International Development.


Damian is, above all else, a performer. A graduate of the University of the West Indies and The Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, he is now a hunt host, MC, actor, director and many many other things. Damian splits his time between Canada, the States and the Caribbean, and is an endless well of knowledge on all three. When he’s not working, Damian enjoys…well, we have no idea, we’ve never seen him not working. We can only assume when he’s not working, he’s just working on something else.


Chelsey discovered her love for marine art early in Halifax, where she was born and raised. During her childhood, she traveled across Canada living in Manitoba and settling in Ontario. As Chelsey’s landscape expanded, so did her art. She is now a renowned painter, writer and actor, all of which inform her unique skills as a hunt host. She can engage a crowd with ease, inviting them to step outside the mundane and into an abstract world of mystery and intrigue.


Jodi Sinden has been writing and hosting scavenger hunts for most of her life. When she’s not dreaming up new ideas for bringing adventure and intrigue into every day life, she’s hanging out with her husband and two daughters in London Ontario.