Photo by: Muhammad Ali

Dashing through the
Distillery District

Celebrate the beauty of one of the most enchanting corners of Toronto, in this holiday-themed game through the Distillery District Christmas market.

Sparkling challenges will see your team carolling with the carollers, sipping spiced apple cider, and taking Instagram-worthy shots under a canopy of twinkling lights. In true Urban Capers style, we tilt Christmas on its head a bit and get participants moving, laughing, and creating memories that will last.

Embrace the spirit of giving! instead of purchasing a ticket, Urban Capers is asking you to donate to your favourite charity!

Step 1: Scroll down to register
Step 2: Donate to the charity of your choice and bring the charity receipt as your “ticket”
Step 3: Show up and have a ton of fun

There are many fantastic causes out there, so choose one that is important to you! Feel free to make individual donations or one big one as a group.


Teams receive a hunt package:
a clue book, map, etc. Our hosts get players in the mood and ready to play and then send them off!

Teams have an hour to explore the market, tracking down and solving clues, seeking answers and completing challenges.

To wrap up, teams are scored, a winner is declared. The winner receives the coveted Golden Magnifying Glass.

Yes, Dashing in the Distillery is a perfect introduction to Urban Capers.
Your group will be brought into the Market together, and given a detailed introduction by our hunt hosts, but once the hunt starts, groups will separate into smaller teams to play. We have created multiple routes for each hunt, with different starting points, so teams will not be not be following one another.