Toronto has it all, from world-class markets to iconic museums! Become a detective for a day at the Royal Ontario Museum or take a magical journey through Art History at the AGO by joining a public hunt!

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A curator has been murdered and a trail of clues left behind, connected to secrets in the collections. As you gather clues, you’ll begin to piece together a tale of greed, lust, pride, and revenge. Teams of two to six sleuths travel through the museum galleries, hot on the trail of a killer in this whodunnit.

Sparkling photo and activity challenges will have teams capturing the magic of the Distillery District Christmas market, featuring twinkling lights, a delightful warm drink stop, and many an instagram-worthy photo op. The perfect holiday party option to get participants moving, laughing, and creating memories that will last.

When an arts journalist digs into the suspicious death of a prominent Canadian artist, she uncovers a dangerous secret. Follow her trail of clues to crack the cryptic code she left behind and unravel an age old mystery that has haunted the art world for centuries. The location of the da Vinci Trove went to the grave with him…until now.

The ideal present for the favourite sleuth in your life! Give the gift of adventure and let the lucky detective choose the date of their next case from any of our future public capers.